“A trusted and respected name for designing and crafting quality timber furniture in Adelaide since 1952″
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Custom Designs

Factory Order pertains to customers incorporating our designs with their personal dimensions, timber choice, options and upgrades and have it made to order.

Available Now offers great discounts on display pieces that can be taken home that day.


There is a third method of purchase from us and that’s the ‘Custom Design’ method. We can offer this method because we have fully qualified furniture designers in house and we run our own factory, it’s not shared or subcontracted.

We’re proud to own one of the first and last working furniture factories in Adelaide, where we make everything -no imports.

Custom Design Service:

Simply put, ‘custom design’ is when you need to create new (or old) designs from a photo, sketch, magazine or internet picture. Some designs are not possible for stability and functionality reasons etc or they’re just not financially viable (ie Customer budget below expectation or the design is just not possible from this factory)

Here’s a run down of the brief we’ll need from you or your designer to produce a ‘Custom Design’ quotation:

  • Pictures or detailed sketches (more detail preferred)
  • Dimension requirements (less detailed preferred)
  • Timber, stain or paint preference
  • Budget (ball park)
  • Time frame (date of supply)
  • Design Deposit of $500 (upfront, non refundable)

Keep in mind we supply free standing quality timber furniture, we don’t do built in cabinets with the exception of wall mounted media units. Custom orders must achieve a minimum $2500k order value to proceed.