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Customer Pick Up

Customer pick up: Please read before arranging pick up.

As you have decided to pick your furniture up, we offer the following terms.

  • All sales either from Available Now or Made to Order, must be paid for in full and picked up within 3 days of completion or purchase as we have very little storage space.
  • Pick up between 10am & 3pm weekdays only. Saturday pick up not available.
  • Severe circumstances we can terminate the pick up ie lack of packing or unsuitable vehicle.
  • large items require you to bring a second person to help lift.
  • Whilst we may assist in loading small items under 25kg into a car, we hold no responsibility for damage to items or vehicle.
  • If using a non-preferred third party for pick up, we accept no responsibility and can’t offer loading or packing assistance.

And here, we offer the following advice.

  • Make sure the items will fit in your vehicle or trailer.
  • Items are NOT wrapped or boxed for transport, this only encourages mishandling.
  • You’ll need blankets, rugs, pillows, towels etc and appropriate tie downs.
  • No packing available at the factory for customer use.
  • Rain threats we encourage postponing pick up or ensure adequate protection to keep items dry.

We ask people to bring as many rugs, blankets and pillows as possible. 6×4 trailers are very bouncy and our furniture is not in a cardboard box so a 6×4 trailer would be a last resort transport solution for our furniture. We highly encourage the use of professional furniture removals for large orders over long distance.

Thanks for taking the time to read our pick up information… All the best!


If pick up isn’t an option for you then consider getting your furniture delivered! We can deliver for you or hook you up with a great third party carrier!

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