“A trusted and respected name for designing and crafting quality timber furniture in Adelaide since 1952″
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Welcome all Interior Designers, Architects, Decorators & Home Stylists

This page is for you...

At the Mabarrack Factory, we’re exclusive in the sense that all our pieces are designed and made right here by us and we only sell it through one door, our front door. You won’t find our furniture for sale anywhere else in the world but right here in our Port road factory/showroom.

We welcome designers and their clients to visit us where we can explain how much control we can hand over when it comes to imagining your own furniture. Sizes, timbers, colours, stains, fabrics, options and upgrades create endless combinations using timeless timber and time tested designs.

Use our expert advice gathered over many decades on construction, functionality, design trends, material quality, finish and timber behaviour. We have more info about custom work in our Custom Designs page.

The end users of our furniture must be made known to us and vice verse as we need to keep a record of where our furniture is going as we can only honour our lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Your clients also need to be aware they have our furniture so they can contact us for general enquiries or inspect our webpage etc…

Bring your ideas, samples and/or clients in anytime during business hours (no appointment necessary) and we’ll work with you to make your business shine and your clients very happy. Best part is you can actually see it made right here in our own factory.

Come on down designers, let’s see if we can help you out!