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Professional Finish Can Only Come Off The Gun…

Polishing a brand new piece of raw furniture is a craft in itself and can be around 1/3 of the total cost of a job. Our long time polisher Garry has mastered the art of preparing the surface and applying premium materials off the gun.

What’s ‘off the gun’ mean? It means we use a spray gun to atomise the lacquer for application. This method has many benefits compared to rolling or brushing. Firstly rolling the material is backyard stuff, it goes on much too thick not allowing the flow and build and same with brushing, it’s very DIY.

By using the gun and extraction booth, Garry can build layers of lacquer slowly, allowing the first coat to soak into the timber and dry hard which creates a foundation to build more layers. Cut and build several times will achieve the flattest, toughest result possible.

The point of a premium solvent based lacquer and off the gun application is to ensure THE best result for your lovely furniture. After all the piece is only as good as the finish. Visit our lacquers page to learn more about our polyurethane and pre-catalysed lacquers.