Timber Info- Natural Veneers

Natural timbers in veneer form is THE most eco-friendly way to craft modern timber furniture. For example, the timber in one high quality solid timber dining table can make over 20 timber veneer dining tables!

Timber veneers are cost effective, even (yet random) in grain character, stable, offer a very large design scope and the MDF substrate is far more impact resistant than most solid hardwoods, perfect for high use surfaces.

Modern homes need modern furniture made from modern materials.

Natural timber veneers are real timber that can be sanded and stained, they are not to be confused with fake plastic laminates or vinyl wraps! Only the highest grade logs are used to create timber veneers.

Most importantly, YOU come to our factory and select the exact boards to use in your furniture! You can match existing furniture or flooring with ease and you can even select the timbers before you place a deposit! That’s a luxury you just don’t get with solid timber furniture.

ALL our furniture comes with a lifetime warranty for piece of mind.

We always hold good stocks of veneer board in many different timber species so your choice is HUGE.

Investigate natural timber veneers at the link below…


Click HERE for “Veneer Basics” from the Timber Veneer Association of Australia

Click here for a really great video on how veneers are made!


Product Description

Beautiful, natural colours of premium timbers enriched by high end crystal clear lacquers bring warmth and character to any room.

Solid or veneers, timber is timeless and different timbers suit different homes, we have many loan samples available to make sure your choice is perfect.