Timber Info- Solid Hardwoods

PREMIUM SELECT KILN DRIED solid timber has its place in revealing natural variations in timber and creating heritage and heirloom pieces which can last centuries.

Crafting high end pieces from solid timber is labour intensive, it is subject to slight movement, higher costs, limitations of design scope and can heavily impact the environment if it’s improperly sourced.

Solid timber does not automatically equate to quality furniture, it’s premium materials, good design and skilled craftsmanship that creates great value, timeless furniture that lasts.

Below is a great site about Australian solid timbers!


Click HERE  to Learn about hardwoods at the Australian Hardwood Network


Product Description

Beautiful, natural colours of premium timbers enriched by high end crystal clear lacquers bring warmth and character to any room.

Solid or veneers, timber is timeless and different timbers suit different homes, we have many loan samples available to make sure your choice is perfect.