“A trusted and respected name for designing and crafting quality timber furniture in Adelaide since 1952″

Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs


The foundation of our fully upholstered dining chair range is extended dining comfort, basically meaning long dinner parties. This is an extraordinary chair selection with immense choice, comfort and value which we believe is entirely unsurpassed, anywhere. Our chairs are engineered to be light yet strong and have been in production for over 40 years with thousands of hand made Mabarrack dining chairs still being enjoyed today.

ONE chair frame comprises of: 28 timber dowels, 15 pieces of timber, 10+ moulded pieces of foam, 5m of webbing and zero screws…

  • Around a dozen exclusive dining chair designs
  • 100 % made right here in our Adelaide factory
  • Comfort for decades
  • Dowel joint frames with lifetime warranty
  • Fully sewn covers with top stitching as standard
  • Re-upholster cost effectively for a new look
  • Huge selection of the latest fabrics, leathers and vinyls
  • Furnishing Adelaide, regional SA and the capitals of Australia.

As a working factory/showroom, we handcraft quality modern furniture to order right here which means you can blend design styles, explore timbers, paints, fabrics, dimensions and hardware options and upgrades. The result is quality, timeless timber furniture made just for you, right here in Adelaide.

This also means our extensive online showroom is always expanding with new ideas, but it will always only ever show a fraction of what we are able to achieve because we are always advancing our designs and exploring new timbers, fabrics and hardware.