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This page is where all our good designs come to retire and keeps our current designs separate from our previous styles no longer in production… 

We are able to revisit some of these styles but most have been permanently deleted as we continuously modernise, revise and refine our exclusive timber furniture designs and styles.

To South Australia, the name Mabarrack is synonymous with fine timber furniture, crafted right here in Adelaide. We have been in business a long time and have a HUGE back catalog of exclusive designs dating all the way back to the 1950’s.
As we continually move forward with modern designs, materials and hardware, we do need to leave some historic designs in the past. Still appealing in design and function, these pieces can still be crafted to match existing Mabarrack made pieces from years gone by.
We can’t permanently offer every design we’ve ever produced so this is where the older designs come to retire and while rare, some of our designs do drop off the menu completely. This section of our website is where you’ll be able to re-visit our exclusive designs from previous years and decades, some still available, some permanently relegated to the pages of the Mabarrack Furniture history book.

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Showing all 104 results