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Spotted Gum… the next big thing?

We’re always looking ahead for the next big furniture grade timbers to hit the market, we predict spotted gum to be the star of 2019 so we’re on board with it right now… Lovely medium level grain with shingling and mottles, attractive even tones of olive greens and straw yellows balance by tan browns and deep reds. The redder variety comes from QLD with the lighter versions out of NSW.

We see Spotted Gum hitting the perfect blend between Blackwood and Marri, borrowing colours and grain characteristics from both of these very popular timbers. More new home owners are choosing spotted gum for the flooring to where it now sits second most popular hardwood flooring after Aus Oak.

If you are looking for something a little less traditional than Blackwood and maybe not as wild as the Marri then Spotted Gum is probably just perfect for you! Here’s some pics of pieces we have made from Spotted gum so far this year, we expect the demand for this timber to accelerate as we exit 2018 and venture into the new year… Is the summer of 2018/19 the summer of Spotted Gum? Yep, we think it could be…

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Next level dining comfort…

The foundation of our fully upholstered dining chair range is extended dining comfort, basically meaning long dinner parties. This is an extraordinary chair selection with immense choice, comfort and value which we believe is entirely unsurpassed, anywhere. Our chairs are engineered to be light yet strong and have been in production for over 40 years with thousands of hand made Mabarrack dining chairs still being enjoyed today.

•Over two dozen exclusive dining chair designs

•Made right here in our Adelaide factory

•Comfort for decades

•Dowel joint frames with lifetime warranty

•Fully sewn covers with top stitching as standard

•Re-upholster cost effectively for a new look

•Huge selection of the latest fabrics, leathers and vinyls

Best value dining chairs in SA, probably in Australia…

Check out our extensive and exclusive range HERE

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Levi modular media range makes YOU the designer!!

Entertainment units have only really been in existence since the advent of colour TV and stereo sound systems. Generally before that, TV’s and turn table sound systems were actually furniture pieces themselves and Im sure we don’t have to think too hard to imagine them. The VCR kicked off the “component” era in the mid 1970’s and by the early 80’s most houses globally had one. The size saw most people place their new top loading joy machine on top of the big timber look, vinyl wrapped idiot box in the corner of the lounge. As tech changed with things like stereo TV, Atari video games, laser disks, multi changer CD players and big amps and tuners, the furniture in our lounge room started to change also. It made sense to put all of this new and ever-changing wizardry inside one single cabinet rather than several separate dedicated ones -the modern day entertainment unit was born.

Quickly they morphed into big wall units 2 and 3m wide and floor to ceiling and filled with every type of household paraphernalia you can think of. With the advent of open plan living, these types of units are very much out of favour for entertainment use these days and are extremely dated. Corner entertainment units were popular for a long time but also died a natural death as giant fat back TV sets made their steady march to landfill over the last decade or so.

Our new Levi media module concept is kind of a revived deconstructed wall unit idea but minimal and timeless, meaning its far less imposing on the space while being modern, functional and versatile… more about that below…

Fast forward a few decades and its a VERY different story again. The days of multiple media components all performing different tasks are numbered, now it seems one or two WiFi enabled devices can do most things we need or want in order to “entertain” ourselves. Your mobile phone is probably the only thing you need as you can cast to HUGE screens, stream music to anything bluetooth, chat face to face live with someone in London, you can now even have a full blown conversation with your hand held pocket buddy.

So, where does these endless and accelerating leaps in tech leave the humble old entertainment unit? well, the future is looking interesting for the ever changing lounge room staple because these days we’re just not using them in the way we have been over the last 40 odd years. Essentially there’s not much left to put in them as most new media set ups are a server in a hidden cupboard somewhere in the house. If there is a component or two (ie Playstation, Foxtel, sound bar etc) then they don’t need much room or people are keen to hide them. Ready or not, it’s 2018 where the humble “entertainment” unit is mostly just used as a piece of furniture to fill the very vacant wall under the 70″ wall mounted LCD and nothing more.

We, as fully accomplished furniture designers and manufacturers now prefer to use the term “media units” because its a broader, more descriptive and apt term rather than referencing the old styles, functions and materials from yesteryear… This takes me to the point of this post…

Our new Levi range of modular media units puts the design pen in YOUR hands. This is a set range of unit dimensions but the combinations and configurations are seemingly endless when you take into account the array of timbers, paints, flaps, doors, voids, mood lighting etc etc

Levi media modules are the new, affordable and modern way to furnish your TV area, come down to the factory showroom to inspect this and many other options available to you!

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