“A trusted and respected name for designing and crafting quality timber furniture in Adelaide since 1952″

Delivery Service

Standard Delivery

We conduct our own metro deliveries which means the skilled hands that crafted your furniture are the same hands that deliver it to your home.

In the front door, easy navigation and safe, wide hallways, ground floor for 2 people carrying non-heavy items. Not considered standard is… stairs, lifts, narrow passages, steep driveways, high rise apartments, more than 2 person required. Obscure, multi-story, difficult and rural deliveries quoted via factory quote. Our delivery comes with full insurance of all items on board.

Deliveries are conducted on Thursdays only, no weekend deliveries or pick ups available sorry. 

Assembly of beds is an extra charge. Installation of wall mounted units is charged by the hour or part there of.

Staff have a wait time of 10min before they return to the factory, delivery fee is forfeited and another slot must be scheduled.

Order to be paid in full before delivery is organised. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all pieces selected will make it through the house and fit in the room.

  • Area must be void of existing furniture, staff can’t touch existing furniture or electrical items.
  • Should we be faced with non-listed access problems, items will be left for customer to complete the final placement.
  • Whilst all care is taken with your property, we will not be held responsible for damage to anything other than the furniture being delivered.

Customer Pickup

Pick up is an option, we ask people to bring as many rugs, blankets and pillows as possible. Pick up during business hours only (no weekends). Staff can’t assist with loading, wrapping or tie down. 6×4 trailers are very bouncy and our furniture is not in a cardboard box so a 6×4 trailer would be a last resort transport solution for our furniture.