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50%-75% off beds!

Tiahn Bed and 2 bedsides 75% off now $3500 inc GST ex factory

Tilt head and 2x bedsides 50% off now $2000 inc GST ex factory

This time our display sell off comes in the form of 2 beds that we just can’t display anymore due to floorspace… The first being a Tiahn QS bed made from solid Mahogany with a traditional rose mahogany stain, rosettes, dovetails and mouldings. This is the last bed in this style ever made by Mabarrack Furniture and is designed and crafted to become antique. Q/S bed with 2 bedsides 75% off cost price at $3500 inc GST ex factory. Would suit a more classic home.

The second bed is the Q/S tilt head upholstered in Warwick KeyLargo ‘Ebony’ with strong slat base and 2x 3 drawer limed or copper bedsides, it’s your choice. Each side has an adjustable tilt head. This setting is now 50% off at $2k inc GST ex factory! Modern, functional and timeless.

First in best dressed.